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The forestry resource across the estates is vast, and includes native, mainly broadleaved species, such as birch, and commercial woodland, including pine and spruce. Forestry covers approximately 10% of our overall land holding. The woodlands are one of the most important aspects of the land we maintain.

Woodland creation has recently taken place on Glenshero estate, where a total of 84 hectares were planted – the equivalent of some 204,530 trees. These included a mix of both conifer and native broadleaves.

In conjunction with Nevis Landscape Partnership, 8.1 hectares, or the equivalent of 12,000 Caledonian Pine were planted in Glen Nevis. Nevis Landscape Partnership gathered seed from the Caledonian Pine woodland and, with other locally gathered seed, grows them in their own nursery, ensuring the survival and expansion of Scotland’s Caledonian Pine.

Small individual areas around Kinlochleven have been selectively thinned and pruned to improve the visual landscape and the long-term growth of native woodland.

Also around Kinlochleven, a major project of rhododendron eradication has taken place, with the removal of around 30.3 hectares of the plant. This program is set to continue. The aim with this is to protect the native woodlands and Leven Valley SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest).

Over the coming years, our aim is to continue to manage the woodland on our estates, with the further creation of woodland in Glenshero – 50.5 hectares – focusing on riparian zone planting and native woodland expansion. Timber harvesting will also commence in Glenshero.

In Glen Nevis, again working with Nevis Landscape Partnership, further areas of Caledonian Pine planting have been identified and, once planted, will enable an additional 3,000 trees to be planted.

Our woodlands form another important aspect of our estates, for environmental reasons, to support our deer management, and as part of overall good land management. Woodlands are important to maintain and sustain and play a crucial role in our development plans.


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