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We work with the landscape surrounding us; the rugged mountains, rolling hills, plentiful waterfalls, burns and rivers, and extensive forestry. It is our aim to ensure that, whatever we do, any developments or changes that take place on our land, fit with the surrounding environment.

We are fortunate to also have a wonderful selection of varied wildlife who call the estates their home, including some of Scotland’s rarest animals. The deer population across all three estates include red, roe, sika and fallow deer.

Other animals also found here include foxes, badgers, stoats, mink, pine marten and otters – some harder to spot than others. We also play host to the rarer native red squirrels. Incredibly, even the extremely rare wildcat has been spotted around Loch Laggan; these creatures, Britain’s only remaining large wild predator, are now only found in the Scottish Highlands.

Some of the airborne wildlife you might also be lucky enough to spot in the area include golden eagle, sea eagles, peregrine falcon, sparrow hawks, hen harriers, kestrels, ospreys, buzzards, various owls, snipes and dippers.

The game birds which roam the estates include grouse, black cock (black grouse), partridge, ptarmigan and pheasants.

Some are more commonly found than others, of course, and our stalkers and ghillies who know the estates like the back of their hands, are incredibly experienced in spotting the various wildlife.

We are working with various local and national partner organisations, who are assisting us with the stewardship of our land:


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