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What we do

At JAHAMA Highland Estates, our sustainable model of land management mirrors the GREENSTEEL and GREENALUMINIUM philosophy of recycled materials and renewable energy championed by the industrial and energy parts of the wider GFG Alliance. Our aim is to use renewable sources of energy, such as wind, water and biofuels, to power industrial activities that ultimately benefit beautiful and sensitive areas of land by creating a strong local economy and allowing careful stewardship of the countryside.

We are responsible property owners who balance the interests of nature, community and public access with the needs of our industrial operations, which employ several hundred people in Scotland. We want people to use and appreciate our land and see the benefits that flow from its long-established links to industry.

Our estates have a proud history and a very positive future. Since our purchase of the Lochaber smelter, hydropower stations and estate lands in 2016 we have sought to understand the work and investment required to bring many of the amazing buildings and infrastructure we inherited back to life. We are committed to making sustainable investments and working with likeminded partners and communities to create an accessible and prosperous landscape for both residents and visitors to enjoy and admire.


The renewable energy provided by JAHAMA Highland Estates is fundamental to our business, providing water to generate the power for the smelter.

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The forestry resource across the estates is vast and includes native as well as commercial woodland.

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Farming forms a small but precious part of the jigsaw of activities on our land.

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We work with the landscape surrounding us to ensure that any developments which take place, complement our environment.

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Creagan Breaca Planting Scheme on Glenshero Estate

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New Book Sheds Light on Historic Lochaber Estates

The long-anticipated launch of Richard Sidgwick’s book ‘Clanship to Capitalism: a history of the Estates of Lochaber from 1745’ last Thursday, 29th November. Invited…

SIMEC to Upgrade Key Highland Hydro Plant Thanks to Scottish Government Ruling

SIMEC investment to bring more than 40% more clean power boost for local Scottish industry SIMEC, part of Sanjeev Gupta’s GFG Alliance, has welcomed…

SIMEC Submits Planning Application for Glenshero Wind Farm

SIMEC, part of Sanjeev Gupta’s GFG Alliance, has formally applied to build a £158m Highland wind farm at Glenshero, following a year of environmental…