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We are the geographic heart of the Outdoor Capital of the UK. With our own in-hand opportunities in addition to our tenants operating iconic outdoor recreation facilities including a ski centre, internationally-acclaimed mountain bike tracks, world-famous rock climbing and mountaineering routes – to name but a few – JHE is unrivalled in the provision of outdoor recreation.


Jahama Highland Estates to launch new Wild Venison shop

Coming soon! Our new Wild Venison shop will open in early November, located in a pop-up retail pod opposite the recycling centre in Ben…

Retail Sales Assistant Vacancy

New Farm Manager Appointed at Jahama Highland Estates

Chloe Malcolm, aged 25, tends to a new lamb as she has been appointed as manager of one of Scotlands biggest upland farming operations….

Bothy closures

Jahama Highland Estates support the position of the Mountain Bothies Association in relation to the shutting of all bothies across Scotland in relation to…