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Vision & Strategy

OUR VISION – What will we become?

“Inspiring places, inspiring people.”

Jahama Highland Estates is a beacon of inspiration for landscape-based asset management. Driven by our passion for achieving equity across the environment, the economy and the communities that comprise the JHE landholding, we sustain:

OUR STRATEGY – How will we deliver our Vision?

JHE provides the energy catchment for our industrial sister companies Alvance Aluminium (Lochaber) and SIMEC, within the overarching GFG Alliance: this is the catalyst for our existence, but it is only one part of our remit. JHE is a multi-layered landholding with complex strategic goals:


JAHAMA Helen Polley & Ana Young

JAHAMA Highland Estates makes new female appointments ahead of action-packed 2021

Meet the women challenging the status quo in rural estate management JAHAMA’s team diversifies further following appointment of Chloe Malcolm as Farm Manager Team…

JAHAMA Highland Estates launches new venison brand and shop in Fort William

Scotland’s Cabinet Secretary for Finance and local MSP Kate Forbes attends opening New venison brand reflects local and ethical food production JAHAMA looks to…

Jahama Highland Estates to launch new Wild Venison shop

Open to the public on Saturday 7 November (please note, cash only until 19 Nov)! Our new Wild Venison shop is located in a…

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