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Creagan Breaca Planting Scheme on Glenshero Estate

As part of our forestry activities across the estates, we are continuing our woodland expansion with the Creagan Breaca planting scheme on Glenshero Estate.

The River Spey has been categorised as a SAC (Special Area of Conservation) because of its populations of freshwater pearl mussel, sea lamprey, otter and salmon. All species, apart from salmon, are not resident on Glenshero, but improvements to water quality will improve conditions downstream and the potential for expansion.

The proposed planting is designed to be of most benefit to spawning grounds for salmon on this iconic river. Global warming is likely to increase water temperature over the next 50 years and shading by trees will become important in maintaining spawning grounds. The estate would like to emulate work being carried out on the River Dee catchment to improve water quality and shading with trees directly adjacent to the river being of particular importance.

There are several objectives for the site;

  • To benefit spawning grounds on the Spey River; creating riparian zone planting has been shown to improve water quality and regulate water temperatures.
  • Improve landscape views; softening the edges of existing woodland blocks so that unnatural linear edges are broken up.
  • Habitat; improving biodiversity and creating woodland edges that are desirable for moorland and wading bird species. Restricting grazing will improve biodiversity within the plant communities in both the planted areas and open ground.
  • Future deer shelter; with the planned removal of commercial conifer blocks it is important to create age class diversity to provide shelter for deer populations.

The woodland planting will be planted with a mix of native trees; birch, scot’s pine, willow, alder, rowan and juniper. An area of 49.2 hectares will be planted, or the equivalent of 90,000 trees.

To read more about the forestry resource across JAHAMA Highland Estates, visit our website here.


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