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Core Pillars

Our natural environment underpins everything we do: the habitats within JHE and the species of flora and fauna that inhabit them, our freshwater courses and bodies, soils, geology and weather form the JHE core.

JHE seeks to elevate the Lochaber and Badenoch area by placing the wellbeing of local communities, both of geography and of interest, at its core. Our shared culture of opportunity, positivity and confidence has genuine potential to create change at an unprecedented scale in the Highlands.

JHE owns significant residential and commercial properties, plots and development sites in addition to recreation infrastructure. These properties provide JHE with the economic driving force of investment and economic regeneration.

• We will scope and implement a viable use for every current JHE building.

• Mindful of the imbalance in residential property supply and demand in
Lochaber, we will work to optimise provision of let housing from our existing stock and new builds.

• Our commercial sites, both existing and planned, will be a significant facilitator of our communities’ business activities and interests and an important source of rental income for new JHE investment across
our landholding.

• Heritage property is a major part of JHE’s built assets; we will safeguard these buildings for the present and future by carrying out sympathetic renovation and repurposing

JHE has the potential to be the economic powerhouse of Lochaber. We will take this opportunity and responsibility forward to share prosperity internally and externally.

• Our existing in-hand enterprises will be optimised, and new enterprises scoped, appraised and implemented.

• As part of our community support objectives, we will seek to work in partnership with local entrepreneurs, community groups, businesses, NGOs and other stakeholders to facilitate economic prosperity. Where opportunities exist on our own land, we will be an active and engaged partner rather than an arm’s length landlord; where opportunities exist on
other land, we will support, guide and utilise our power for the greater good.

• In our own enterprises, we will seek to create permanent and seasonal
employment opportunities and assist with housing provision for our staff.

• We will work with academic institutions and training bodies to facilitate rural skills and education.

We are the geographic heart of the Outdoor Capital of the UK. With our own in-hand opportunities in addition to our tenants operating iconic outdoor recreation facilities including a ski centre, internationally-acclaimed mountain bike tracks, world-famous rock climbing and mountaineering routes – to name but a few – JHE is unrivalled in the provision of outdoor recreation.


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