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The sport currently offered on the estates varies depending on the season; our main offering is deer stalking. As with the other aspects of our estate, our aim is to develop and expand what we offer – the land and environment surrounding us has such potential. We cull deer selectively to manage the population as part of an integrated approach with other estates led by Scottish Natural Heritage. We do this to keep a healthy herd and to manage their impact on the ecosystem that they share.

The land which surrounds each of the estates lends itself perfectly to stalking; the terrain is challenging, and the deer herd are well managed. The stalking on our estate is seen as some of the best in Scotland – this is thanks to the tireless efforts of the estate team, led by experienced stalkers and supported by knowledgeable ghillies.

The deer stalking offered includes red stags and hinds, as well as sika stags and hinds. Walked-up grouse and rough shooting is also available on the estate, as well as fishing.

To learn more about the range of sporting offered on each of our estates, or to book your sporting experience, visit Country Sport Scotland.


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