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Jahama Highland Estates offers an exceptional hunting experience in a world-famous Highland landscape. Our main offering for guests is stalking for red, sika and roe deer, with walked-up grouse shooting, duck flighting, ptarmigan and rough shooting available by request on a first-come, first-served basis.

Overlooking Jahama Highland Estates, the Commando Memorial at Spean Bridge is dedicated to the men of the Commando special forces raised during World War II. The plaque on the stone plinth includes the words: “This country was their training ground”. That ground was chosen for a very good reason!

Jahama Highland Estates includes some of the toughest terrain in the UK, including the awe-inspiring north face of the UK’s highest mountain, Ben Nevis. Ours is a rousing yet harsh environment, where the weather can turn in an instant and sporting conditions can be demanding.

It is in this wild country that Highland clans fought each other, Government soldiers faced a rebel Jacobite army and where Commandos and Special Operations Executive (SOE) operatives trained for daring WW2 raids. In the hills and corries, many Commandos learned the art of sniping and fieldcraft from local Estate Stalkers.

Feedback over many years has established that ours is the finest deer stalking ground in Great Britain and, as with so much worth striving for, the more you put in, the more you get out. At Jahama Highland Estates we are keen for guests to fully immerse themselves in all aspects of the hunt, as there is a lot more to a hunting experience at Jahama Highland Estates than simply following our highly-competent staff up the hill. We are also keen for our guests to ‘eat what you shoot’, and in the same vein we offer a number of discounted outings to local residents every year as part of our strategy commitment to reconnect people with place.

We do expect guests to be reasonably ‘hill fit’ so that they can be safe and better enjoy an exceptional hunting experience in the UK’s finest landscape. Hunting is a deeply human endeavour. Despite modern firearms and optics, we are heading into the wilds in the footsteps of our forebears and pitting mind, body and skill against native quarry species in their natural environment. Hunting in the immense ruggedness of the Scottish Highlands takes us closer to who we really are ‘beyond the business card’.

In the 1920s, John Buchan penned a well-known novel called ‘John MacNab’, which focuses on friends pitting their wits against nature, the establishment and themselves. Like so many good novels the book is based on a true story to which many Highland estates have claimed a tenuous link; however, the authentic story involved a clansman of MacDonald of Keppoch and his Highland infantry officer friends and took place on land now under the gaze of those three Commando soldiers on their monument plinth: Jahama Highland Estates.

The Estate runs a waiting list for sporting opportunities and many guests seek to book well in advance. To avoid disappointment, if you are offered a vacancy opportunity please complete your reservation as quickly as possible. For more information, contact


Jahama Highland Estates works proactively with a wide range of event organisers to host events on our landholding. Due to the fragility of our environment, a comprehensive consents process must be completed before we grant permission for events to take place. Upcoming events will soon be added below, and any prospective events-related enquiries should be sent to


Our booking policy for filming is coming soon. In the meantime all enquiries should come to us at

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The tradition of sporting estates goes back to Victorian times; each of our estate lodges was established with sporting in mind.

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